VA – Retro Party [Volume Two] [TRC65]

AuDio Jacker – I Have The FUNK [Original Mix] 07:37 125Bpm Amin
AuDio Jacker – Lets Celebrate [Original Mix] 06:30 128Bpm Amaj
AuDio Jacker – The More I Get [Original Mix] 07:08 130Bpm Cmin
Discotron – Get Into Your Own Grooove [Original Mix] 06:45 128Bpm Amaj
Discotron – NYC Love [Original Mix] 05:26 128Bpm Amaj
Discotron – StaND Up [Original Mix] 04:37 128Bpm Bmin
Disko Junkie – Dancin [Original Mix] 07:46 126Bpm Amin
Disko Junkie – Disco Shit [Original Mix] 06:07 128Bpm Amin
Disko Junkie – How Many Times [AuDio Jacker & Disko Junkie Remix] 06:36 126Bpm A#maj
Serial Thrilla – Dance To It [Original Mix] 07:37 128Bpm D#maj
Serial Thrilla – Go [Original Mix] 06:33 128Bpm Emin
Serial Thrilla – This Feeling [Original Mix] 06:26 128Bpm Amin

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