The 80’s Remixes [20-October-2018]

Chris Norman – Hunters Of The Night [2K17] [80’s] [Dance] [Redrum] [Clean] 117
Company B – Fascinated [80’s DJ In Out] [Clean] 129
Erasure – Victim Of Love [2K17] [80’s] [Dance] [Redrum] [Clean] 109
Eurythmics – Sexcrime [2K17] [80’s] [Dance] [Redrum] [Clean] 119
Falco – Rock Me Amadeus [2K17] [80’s] [Dance] [Redrum] [Clean] 93
Fancy – Bodyguard [2K17] [80’s] [Dance] [Redrum] [Clean] 124
Fancy – In Shock [2K17] [80’s] [Dance] [Redrum] [Clean] 128
Five Star – Can’t Wait Another Minute [2K17] [80’s] [Dance] [Redrum] [Clean] 107
Guns N Roses – Sweet Child O Mine [2K17] [80’s] [Rock] [Redrum] [Clean] 125
Hot Cold – Love Is Like a Game [80’s] [Dance] [Redrum] [Clean] 112
Human League – Dont You Want Me [2K17] [80’s] [Dance] [Redrum] [Clean] 117
Indeep – DJ Saved My Life [2K17] [80’s] [Dance] [Redrum] [Clean] 110
Joe Cocker – Unchain My Heart [2K17] [80’s] [Rock] [Redrum] [Clean] 117
Joe Yellow [126 Bpm Clean] – Lover To Lover For Sale [DJ Allan 80’s Extended Redrum]
John Farnham – Youre The VoiceYoure The Voice [80’s] [Dance] [Redrum] [Clean] 85
Kool & The Gang – Lets Go Dancin [80’s Redrum] [Clean] 97
Madonna – Like A Prayer [80’s] [Dance] [Redrum] [Clean] 112

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